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At Mark Riley, we pride ourselves on fabulous hair and excellence in all that we do. With over 30 years at the forefront of hairdressing creating cutting edge styles, you will experience our passion and natural flair with every visit.

Providing a complete range of hairdressing services, we have a dedicated team of specialist stylists, colourists and beauticians who are on hand to pamper and bring out the best of you.

Experience the finest at Mark Riley.

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Price list

Cutting & Finishing

Ladies Cut & Finish

Graduate Stylist £35.00
Creative Stylist £40.00
Senior Stylist £45.00
Style Director £50.00
Advanced Director £55.00
Director P.O.C.

Men's Cut & Finish

Graduate Stylist £20.00
Creative Stylist £25.00
Senior Stylist £30.00
Style Director £35.00
Advanced Director £40.00
Director P.O.C

Wash & Blow Dry

Graduate Stylist £20.00
Creative Stylist £20.00
Senior Stylist £25.00
Style Director £30.00
Advanced Director £30.00
Director P.O.C.

Girl (8 to 13)

Graduate Stylist £20.00
Creative Stylist £20.00
Senior Stylist £25.00
Style Director £30.00
Advanced Director £30.00
Director P.O.C.

Boy (8 to 13)

Graduate Stylist £15.00
Creative Stylist £15.00
Senior Stylist £20.00
Style Director £25.00
Advanced Director £25.00
Director P.O.C.

Child Wet (upto 8)

Graduate Stylist £15.00
Creative Stylist £15.00
Senior Stylist £15.00
Style Director £15.00
Advanced Director £15.00
Director P.O.C

Colour & Specialist Services


Full Head Highlights £89.00
Half Head Highlights £79.00
Parting Hairline £69.00
Parting Highlights £59.00
Permanent - Full Head £84.00
Permanent - Regrowth £54.00
Full Head Bleach £64.00
Balayage £79.00
Colour Gloss £52.00
Smart Bond From £10.00
Add on Colour £22.00
Gents Colour £22.00
Colour Cleanse From £69.00
Pre Pigmentations From £54.00

Specialist Services

Extenso Smoother From £60.00
Perms P.O.C.
Hair Up From £25.00
Hair Extensions P.O.C.
Kerastraight P.O.C.
Bridal & Occassion P.O.C.

Treatment Menu

Lanza Treatment £4.95
L'Oreal Treatment £6.95
L'Oreal Smart Bond £14.95

Special Offers

20% Student Discount Monday-Thursday 9.30am to 5pm

*Please note; For any extra colour used, or for longer hair, an ‘add on service’ will be applied.


At Mark Riley we focus on bringing out the best of you. We consult with you on your ideas and work with your hair type, ensuring it is on trend and suits your personality, face and body shape.

Browse our collections for inspiration. Call in anytime for a free consultation.


Mark Riley is an award-winning ‘gold status’ salon for Great Lengths natural extensions. Extensions can be used to create volume with our varying thicknesses of natural hair strands and work with your existing hair to create a thicker look whatever the length. This versatile product can also be used for clients with partial hair loss. With extensions you can add more length, add colour or create an exceptional look with the use of our Swarovski crystal extensions. The possibilities are endless.

Book an appointment with our extension specialists.

Men's Hair

Men's styling at Mark Riley is all about giving you the look you want with a cut and texture that works exactly for you. The results are always clean and fresh, and coupled with our Aveda ritual head massage, you'll step out feeling amazing. 

Browse our collections for inspiration. Call in anytime for a free consultation and browse our range of male grooming products.

The Team

Mark Riley opened his first salon in 1981 on King Street, Huddersfield and now employs over 30 people across the town.

Mark Riley’s passion and commitment has translated into a lifelong successful career in hairdressing, winning numerous awards and accolades. Mark launched the Mark Riley Training Academy in 2006, to inspire young hairdressers in our region and provide access to training and work opportunities. To date, Mark has provided education to hundreds of hairdressers, many of whom have risen through the ranks and opened successful salons of their own. 

Mark Riley

Mark Riley's passion and commitment has translated into a lifelong successful career in hairdressing. His proudest achievement is the Mark Riley Training Academy, which to date has provided education to hundreds of hairdressers, many of whom have risen through the ranks and opened successful salons of their own.

Leanne Riley
Manager and Advance Director - Brighouse

As the salon manager, Leanne makes sure everything runs like clockwork. She has been a stylist at Mark Riley for over 20 years, is a colour degree specialist for L’Oreal Professional and an NVQ Level 2 and 3 assessor. You’re in exceptionally good hands with Leanne. Specialist in Great Lengths hair extensions. 

Simone Adams
Advance Director - Huddersfield

One of the longest standing stylists at Mark Riley, Simone has over 14 years experience and is an award winning hair extensions specialist. Inspired by the perfectly preened eras of the 20’s through to the 60’s, you’re guaranteed meticulous attention to detail with Simone.

Ruby Mae Wright
Style Director - Waterloo

Ruby has been with Mark Riley since she started her career over 10 years ago and has a natural passion for hairdressing. Inspired by the 90's and Amy Winehouse, Ruby loves to create bridal hair and colouring and opts for Bamboo volume spray to create a full and immaculate finish. 

Chloe Firth
Style Director - Brighouse

After 14 years with Mark Riley, Chloe has perfected dressing hair, pinning and experimenting to creating new looks. Inspired by 1960’s style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy, Chloe choses L’Oreal Pli to create a curly, bouncy and smooth look which is set for hours. Specialist in Great Lengths hair extensions. 

Larissa Kirrane
Creative Stylist - Waterloo

Larissa has been with Mark Riley since she started her hairdressing career over seven years ago. With Audrey Hepburn as her style icon and Sassoon as her biggest influence, Larissa particularly enjoys colouring and put up's and loves to use Lanza Healing Serum which smells amazing and leaves hair feeling soft and lightweight. Specialist in Great Lengths hair extensions. 

Laura Carmody
Nail Technician - Waterloo

Laura has been with Mark Riley for over two years and is a nail technician at the Waterloo Salon. With a love for the 50's and the daring style of Twiggy, Laura is inspired to be different and create unique looks. 

Hannah Rigby
Graduate Stylist - Huddersfield

Hannah began her hairdressing career at Mark Riley and after five years in the salon, she has developed a love for getting creative with colour and gents hairdressing. Her inspiration comes from Nicky Clarke, Marilyn Monroe and Megan McKenna.

Sophie Crossley
Senior Stylist - Huddersfield

A specialist in creative colouring and cutting, blow drying and gents hairdressing, Sophie has over 10 years experience. At the cutting edge of fashion, Sophie takes inspiration from 90’s grunge, Jade Fenix-Hobday and Alexander McQueen. Sophie loves to use Aveda Phomolient to give ultimate volume for the ultimate blowdry.

Lindsay Moore
Style Director - Waterloo

Lindsay has spent her career with Mark Riley and has over 10 years experience. A highly qualified stylist, Lindsay particularly loves meeting new people and transforming her customer's appearance using different cuts and colours. She most admires celebs who have a quirky style such as Twiggy and Madonna. 

Ella Cook
Salon Manager and advance director - Huddersfield

Taking inspiration from 1920’s classics to Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood, Ella has 12 years experience and a love for colouring and always uses Phomolient to create big, bouncy blowdrys. Specialist in colour and Great Lengths hair extensions. 

Taylor Ellis
Apprentice stylist - Brighouse

Taylor loves colouring and blow drying and chooses Liss cream and L'Oreal Professional Pli to create a beautiful finish. Cara DeLavine and 1920’s styles inspire Taylor to push the boundaries when it comes to delighting clients.

Lauren Moroney
Nail technician, beauty therapist and colour technician

With over four years at Mark Riley's, Lauren is a nail technician, beauty therapist, stylist and colour technician.  Lauren is inspired by the whole Mark Riley team, in particular Leanne Riley. Her favourite product in the salon is Savage Pinash which is amazing for volume and hold. 

Jemma Azzorpardi
Colour Technician - Huddersfield

Inspired by the colouring techniques of Guy Tang, Jemma has 13 years hairdressing experience, specialising in colouring and has a love for creating the glamorous looks of the 1950’s, using Mythic Oil Shampoo to create a stunning moisturising and conditioning finish.

Charlotte Bartholomew
Apprentice stylist

Charlotte has been with Mark Riley since August 2016 and is particularly enjoying setting and dressing hair. She loves the 1950's Marilyn Monroe style, is influenced by Mark Riley and uses Pli which is great for holding curls and gives a good grip for a big blow dry. 

Andrea Beckie Russell
Training Academy Manager

With a career spanning 31 years in hairdressing and 19 of those years at Mark Riley, Andrea brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the students in the academy. Her favourite products are from the Aveda range and in particular the Blue Malva Shampoo to neutralise golden tones. 

Bethany Porter
Apprentice stylist

Bethany is at the start of her hairdressing career and has found a love for colouring. She is inspired by Guy Tang and loves to use Bouncy and Tender duo cream and gives a nice lift, bounce and shine to hair. 

Graduate Stylist - Brighouse

A qualified hairdresser for over 5 years, Andrea is inspired by icons Farrah Fawcett, Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe and has a natural love for every aspect of hairdressing. Andrea chooses Myhic Oil to make even the driest hair more manageable. 

Janet McGlade
Assistant Manager - Brighouse

Having worked at Mark Riley for over 12 years, Janet is the Assistant Manager in the Brighouse salon and is the Mark Riley Training Academy Co-Ordinator. Her favourite product is the Lanza Hydrate Detangler which leaves hair feeling soft and easy to manage.

Jacinta Carmody
Receptionist and salon manager - Waterloo
Sue Pike
Receptionist - Huddersfield

Training Academy

Learn the Mark Riley way

Mark Riley’s proudest achievement is the Mark Riley Training Academy, which, over the years, has provided hundreds of young hairdressers with the opportunity to train with one the region’s most respected stylists. If you’re a budding stylist, please view the options below:

Learn top quality hairdressing techniques, the Mark Riley way, with our renowned signature training run in partnership with Calderdale College.

Call 01484 718719 for more information.


Rollers.png (1)

Full Time Study Programme

Our full time courses, in partnership with Calderdale College, cover a range of practical skills and relevant theoretical knowledge to prepare you for entry into the hairdressing industry. The courses available are:

• NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing
• NVQ Level 3 in Hairdressing

As a full-time hairdressing student you will attend the Mark Riley Training Academy on Monday's and Tuesday's, in addition to personal guidance and monitoring throughout the course to help you achieve your learning goals and be successful. Theoretical and practical knowledge are continually assessed, using various methods throughout the duration of the course.

You'll need excellent personal presentation and lots of motivation to succeed. If this sounds like you, get in touch today. 


At Mark Riley Training Academy, we offer nationally recognised NVQ apprenticeships in hairdressing, in partnership with Calderdale College. 

Offering a creative and supportive learning environment to introduce 16-19 year old apprentices to a commercial environment that will develop and inspire a passion for hairdressing. 

All of the apprenticeships are designed to be achieved through continuous assessment by qualified assessors in realistic working environments and within the workplace. You will be given guided learning time to develop your practical skills and learn the knowledge you need to be assessed to gain your qualification.

There are two levels of apprenticeships:

• Intermediate apprenticeships which are equivalent to 5 GCSE passes.

• Advanced apprenticeships which are equivalent to 2 'A' Levels.

What does an apprenticeship consist of?

• Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

• Maths and English functional skills qualifications (Level 1 for intermediate apprenticeships and Level 2 for advanced apprenticeships)

• Vocational NVQ

Both types of apprenticeships last approximately 12 months and you must be employed in the hairdressing industry.


There is no charge to employers for this training.

Become a Model

Strike a pose

We are always on the look out for models for our Training Academy. Come along for a cut, colour, blow dry or perm by a rising star of hairdressing.

Contact Training Academy

TEL : 01484 718719




To complement your hair and overall look, we have trained make-up artists in the salon. Let your beauty shine through with professional make-up. 

Our beauty treatments include nail treatments, tanning and waxing. Call the salon for more information. 

Nails.png (1)
Tanning.png (1)
Eyes.png (1)

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic (White Tip) £20.00
Acrylic (Natural Tip) £20.00
Acrylic (Natural Tip & Polish) £22.00
Acrylic (Rockstar/Chrome) £35.00
Acrylic (Natural Tip & Shellac) £30.00
Acrylic Overlay (Natural) £15.00
Acrylic Overlay (Polish) £17.00
Acrylic Overlay (Rockstar/Chrome) £25.00
Acrylic Overlay (Shellac) £25.00
Infill £15.00
Infill & Polish £17.00
Infill & Shellac £25.00
Re-Balance £18.00
Re-Balance & Polish £20.00
Re-Balance & Shellac £28.00
Acrylic Removal £15.00
Acrylic Repair £3.00
Shellac Fingers £20.00
Shellac Toes £20.00
Shellac / Rockstar / Chrome £25.00
Re-Shellac £25.00
Shellac Removal £10.00
File & Polish £10.00
Shellac Special Offer (Re-Shellac every 2 weeks) £17.00


Fake Bake Gold (Medium dark, Golden tone) £10.00
Fake Bake Rapid (Rapid development, 1-3 hour - Medium tone) £10.00

Eye Treatments

Weekend Lashes £10.00
Brow Wax £6.00
Brow Tint £7.00
Lash Tint £10.00
Brow & Lash Tint £15.00
Luxury Eyebrow (Tint, Wax & Lash Tint) £10.00
Complete Eye Works (Brow Wax, Tint & Last Tint) £20.00


Creating flawless hair for your wedding day is a particular strength of the bridal specialists at Mark Riley team. From classic elegance, natural loose dressed hair, starlet waves or something more contemporary; see our bridal collections for ideas and for further details of our specialist bridal packages, (with some exceptional special touches for your big day).

We always recommend a rehearsal to ensure you feel just perfect on your special day.

Trail to be paid on the day. Remainder of bill to be paid 2 weeks before the wedding. 


Price List


Bride £150
Hair Trial Included in the price above


Bridesmaid £40
Hair trial £40


Flower girls under 10 £15
Mother of the bride £30


/Tel. 01484 530235
9/10 Byram Street


Opening Times

Monday Closed
Tuesday 9:30 - 6:00
Wednesday 9:30 - 6:00
Thursday 9:30 - 8:00
Friday 9:00 - 6:00
Saturday 9:00 - 5:00
Sunday Closed


There is on street pay & display parking on the roads around the salon (Byram Street, Lord Street, St Peter’s Street & John William Street) or there are many car parks in the vicinity, including those at Huddersfield Train Station, the Kingsgate Shopping Centre & Huddersfield Sports Centre.


/Tel. 01484 530530
616 Wakefield Road
Waterloo, Huddersfield

/Email :

Opening Times

Monday 9.30 - 6.00
Tuesday 9.30 - 6.00
Wednesday 9.30 - 6.00
Thursday 9.30 - 8.00
Friday 9.00 - 8.00
Saturday 9.00 - 5.00
Sunday Closed


Our Waterloo salon has ample parking in our private car park in front of the salon.

/Tel : 01484 718719
Wellington House

Briggate, Brighouse


Opening Times

Monday Training Academy
Tuesday 9.30 - 6.00
Wednesday 9.30 - 8.00
Thursday 9.30 - 8.00
Friday 9.00 - 6.00
Saturday 9.00 - 5.00
Sunday Closed


For our Brighouse salon: There are various pay & display car parks in the vicinity within 2 or 3 minutes walk away including at Owler Ings Road, on Daisy Street, Mill Royd Street East & Commercial Street.